Minecraft's attractive cousin


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Terasology is a game openly inspired by and based on Minecraft and which, in spite of being in an early development stage, is working on adding new features to the original formula, like the possibility to have creatures employed in your service in the style of Dungeon Keeper or Dwarf Fortress.

Along with these small additions, Terasology offers similar mechanics to Minecraft, in which you can go along breaking and collecting all types of blocks, using them to build structures, store in your inventory, etc.

These tactics also allow you to create different tools, use weapons, illuminate dark spaces with torches, eat certain mixtures to recover life force, and all kinds of other possibilities.

All of this is built with graphics that maintain Minecraft's block-based style while adding new and original elements to make the experience more attractive. The water and the sky are two spectacular examples.

Terasology is an impressive 'sandbox' game that, in addition to being free and open to many possibilities, offers excellent graphics and sound.
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